About the Product

▶Why while I turn on the machine to test it, and there is no any image?

▶Why when I install it onto my motorcycle, then there is some problems with the product?

▶Why I could not press the button of the machine?

▶What is that “it needs WIFE code” when linking?

▶Should I update it after receiving?

About Software

▶Which app should I download?

Why it shows “Memory Card Error” or “No Memory Card” after linking to APP?

About Memory Card

▶How long could it record if 32G/64G/128G for memory cards?

▶Why it could not read the data if I insert 128G memory card into body?

▶What should I do when the memory card space is full?

▶Will you offer me special discount if I don’t want a memory card?

▶In normal applying, how long will the memory card last?

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