“Playing Different Roles in Our Lives, However, After Work, There Are No Differences Between Us, What We Only Want Is Going Home Safely.”

“LOOKING” Technology Co., Ltd., formerly known as Yu Feng Hang, was established in 1994. We used to focus on Car Radar and Speed Measurement System in our early days, and based in our unique strategy and our own technique, we have opened our own enterprise territory rapidly during that period which economic situation in Taiwan society was just starting to fly

As skill-developing with changeable techniques goes by, the amounts of cars and motorcycles in Taiwan had been soon over the market rate share. But while in those early years when Driving Recorders were not so widespread, traffic accidences always shattered one or more families.

“Who don’t want to go home safely?”

Car and motorcycle Insurances have been implemented for this, but they could not offer enough evidences to defense motor-riders and drivers in the occurring moment. So that, Yu Feng Hang, grasped the principle of car reversing system as the idea, and got into the Driving Recorder markets. And we used the name “LOOKING” as the extension to be “Looking After” and “Protecting”, then we create the Brand “LOOKING”. And the image of a king who defends territory and protects his people, has been our Brand Logo.

Facing accidences emerging in endlessly in news-covers, LOOKING Technology hopes that, we could really protect riders, drivers of motorcycles and cars silently, during the case when an accidence occurs, we could stand up in the attitude of king, to defend the rights of users, too.

“The Secret of Rising, Organizing, Branding, Looking Ahead Over-Globe and Expecting for Future, Is the Long-Run Strategy of Our Enterprise”

Comparing with other companies at that same periods of time, “LOOKING” had understood much earlier that, there is a very close relationship between long-run developing and the success of Brand, so we graduate to change our style of business into an enterprise organization which is much more scale and systematic. We have cultivated our roots for the past 25 year, LOOKING Technology, has been holding the spirit of protecting Taiwan People, and insisting to study, develop and design in Taiwan. We connect Beauty-Design and Brand-Promotion, not only we have got various patents and certificates in Taiwan and over the world, but we also have pushing quality-control system and executive managing of qualities in recent years.

In order to face the trends of Global Digitizing, we have set up systematic promotion-nets, and strategy of High-Exposure, we not only expect to give back the affordable prices to our people, but we also want to look ahead into global markets. Today we have opened international selling-routes in various famous nations like England, Japan, Korea, Australia, Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia. And it is clear to see that our strategy is that, we also want to open more items which close to our daily lives, then become leading brand in the connected field

“Crossing management for diversification, we customize life beauty for our customers. We create convenience as well as to execute our business responsibility”

In recent years, the markets of Driving Recorders, have been going to be mature. “LOOKING Technology” don’t just satisfied merely to specialized in the manufacturing and selling of Car & Motorcycle Recorders. We start to change our direction into layout of diversification of products. Hoping that, while we focus on executing the code thought of our brand, “the protector of roads and life”, at the same time, we make our effort to give consumers the lives in more diversification and more convenience, through combination of technique, life beauty and lifting up and optimizing users’ experiences.

Diversified operation of “LOOKING Technology”, not only gets success in the fields of 3C facilities like ozone purifier, etc., but also never forgets to execute the society responsibility of local business in localization, we have also got positive performance in public welfare, religion and folklore. The attitude of give and take, proves indeed that LOOKING technology has opened minds into forever developing management.