Q & A

About the Product


Why while I turn on the machine to test it, and there is no any image?

You Could confirm if you did connect all the lens first, if not, surely there will be no image on screen.

Why when I install it onto my motorcycle, then there is some problems with the product?

Before shipping, we will examine the product. But in case of that, preventing from some accidences during the delivery, be sure to apply the multi-pins connector linking on power bank first, then start to test the machine, finally go installation at our suggested sites.

Why I could not press the button of the machine?

Because we have set up Mistake-Proofing System in our body. You should first turn off WI-FI and temperately shut down recording, only that the button operation of recorder will work out.

What is that “it needs WIFE code” when linking?

The Pre-set code is 12345678, we suggest you not to change the name and code of the machine, preventing from connecting-failure in future.

Should I update it after receiving?

We will assist all the machine to update to the newest version before receiving, so you don’t need to update it further!

About Software


Which app should I download?

You could download LOOKING CAM app whether by Android or IOS(Not sure if suitable for your recorder or not, you could contact with our Customer Service via LINE@ or FB!!)

Why it shows ”Memory Card Error” or “No Memory Card” after linking to APP?

Be sure first if you indeed load the memory card on, if yes, then operate the recorder step by step per manual once again!

About Memory Card


How long could it record if 32G/64G/128G for memory cards?

About 2.5H(32G)/5H(64G)/10H(128G)

Why it could not read the data if I insert 128G memory card into body?

After loading memory card into machined, follow the manual to apply formatting, then it will start to read.

What should I do when the memory card space is full?

Don’t worry, the driving recorder will automatically cover the oldest files(expiring the locked ones), it is called recycle-recording.

Will you offer me special discount if I don’t want a memory card?

For the memory card is our bonus, if you don’t want it, the price could not be cut down, either.

In normal applying, how long will the memory card last?

We suggest you normally format the files once 1~2 months for maintain of memory card. In normal usage condition, it will be operated 1 or 1 and half year. If there is no regular maintenance, you will have to retire it and change another new one about 1 year later.